The preparatory departnent for foreign citizens

    The Preparatory Department is a very important course for foreign students who want to study at the International European University in Russian, Ukrainian or English.

    After finishing the Preparatory Department of the European International University, you will feel free in any city of Ukraine and Russia, it will be very useful in your daily life, classes, during internships or even after graduation. You will easily get in touch with Russian/Ukrainian-speaking patients or clients and you will be more qualified in your field.

    Also keep in mind that if you study in Russian/Ukrainian it will be cheaper and you can study a new language that is one of the most popular in the world and start practicing it immediately.

    If you want to study in English, but you are not sure in your language level, you can also pass the Preparatory Course to study the language and prepare for studies in English.

     The reasons why you need to pass the Preparatory Department:

    1. You do not know English well and want to study in Russian/Ukrainian
    2. If you have not finished 12 classes and do not want to wait another 2 years to enter the European International University

    The Preparatory department is divided into three areas: Basic, Pre-medical and Pre-engineering.

    The subjects during the Preparatory Department depend on the specialization that you choose: Russian or Ukrainian language, Biology, Anatomy, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, elective subjects etc.)

    In just 6-10 months of studying at the Preparatory Department you will be able to understand the language and have the opportunity to continue your studies in Russian.

    It is possible to pass the Preparatory Department online or on campus.

    Tuition fee on campus:

     Price: 1 100 USD

     Accommodation: 1 200 USD

     Medical Insurance: 100 USD (100 USD per year)

     Temporary Residence Permission and Medical Check-Up: 200 USD (one-time payment)

     Other Expenses (Administrative Fee, Admission Fee, Registration Fee, Airport Reception Charges, Immigration Clearance Charges, Intermediary Company Charges, etc.): 1 800 USD FOR THE FIRST YEAR ONLY (one-time payment).

    Tuition fee online:

     Price: 1 100 USD

     Other Expenses (Administration Fee, Admission Fee, Registration Fee, Intermediary Company Charges, etc.): 1 400 USD FOR THE FIRST YEAR ONLY (one-time payment).  

    You can view the detailed information about the Preparatory Department in the attached PDF file.

    Complete the application form and start your admission to the European International University!




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