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Anti-corruption activities

An important role in preventing and detecting corruption offenses and corruption-related offenses at the University is played by reports of its employees (pursuant) about possible corruption.

Pursuant to part one of Article 53 of the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention of Corruption” (hereinafter – the Law) are the persons who, in the presence of reasonable belief that the information is reliable, report the violation of the requirements of this Law by another person.

Employees of the University have the right to immediately inform the Commissioner for the Prevention and Detection of Corruption at the University (hereinafter the Commissioner) about cases of violation of the requirements of the Anti-Corruption Program (or instances of instigating such acts), committing corruption or corruption-related offenses natural or legal persons with whom the Company is or plans to be in business.

Against this background, we remind you that if you have information about possible corruption cases at the University, you should inform the Ombudsman orally or in writing. In addition, you can report known facts of corruption by sending an email to ieu.ukraine@gmail.com.

The University has a “Trust Box”.

We would like to remind you that notification of violation of the requirements of anti-corruption legislation can be made by an employee without authorship (anonymously). However, please note that an anonymous message is subject to review only if the information it contains is specific to the individual and contains factual data that can be verified.

To send a message through the ” Trust Box ” you must provide the following information:

  • your surname, first name and the address to which the reporting person wishes to receive a reply;
  • surname, first name, position, place of work of the person who committed the corruption offense;
  • the circumstances of the offense.

Please note that persons who assist in the prevention and counteraction of corruption (accusers) are under the protection of the state.

In particular, the following measures may not be applied to a person who has reported a violation of the requirements of anti-corruption legislation or a member of his or her family:

  • release or compulsion to release;
  • disciplinary action;
  • other negative measures (transfer, attestation, change of working conditions, refusal of appointment to a higher position, reduction of wages) (the first paragraph of Article 53 of the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention of Corruption”).

Our University declares zero tolerance for corruption, and on an ongoing basis takes all anti-corruption legislation measures aimed at detecting and preventing corruption and corruption-related offenses. However, real results in this area can only be achieved through the joint efforts of all University staff, their initiative and responsible attitude to anti-corruption measures. Therefore, we urge every employee to be indifferent and to immediately report all known facts of corruption.