Order on the organization of the educational process in the autumn-winter semester of 2020-21 academic year in a mixed (classroom-distance) form of education in adaptive quarantine

 The educational process at the university is an intellectual, creative activity in the field of higher education and science.

 This process is aimed on the transfer and assimilation of knowledge; to multiply and use skills.

 It forms the competence of students, and also contributes to the formation of a harmoniously developed personality.

 The purpose of the educational process is to realize the personal potential, develop creative abilities, train competent specialists who can meet the needs of the individual and society, competitive on the national and international labor markets.

 The educational process is based on the principles of science, humanism and democracy. It organically combines educational and scientific activities, the connection of theory and practice.

 The schedule of the educational process determines the calendar terms of semesters, classes, exams, internships, vacations for each year of study according to a certain educational program. It includes the preparation of attestation works, final attestation of students. The shedule provides a summary time budget table (in weeks).

 The schedule of the educational process for the 2020-2021 academic year is added below.


Specialty 222 "Medicine"


 Specialty 073 "Management"

admission 2021-2022

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