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Gutsalyuk Alexey Nikolaevich

Head of the Department, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor

The staff of the Department of Management welcomes you to our page!

The Department of Management is a graduating department and provides qualitative training of specialists of educational degrees:

  • “Bachelor” of full-time and extramural forms of study in the specialties 073 “Management”;
  • Master’s full-time and extramural forms of study in the specialty 073 “Management” (specialization “Business Administration”).


The guarantor of the educational programs of the Bachelor’s degree is: Gutsalyuk Alexey Nikolaevich – Candidate of Sciences (Economics), Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Management of PIHE “IEU”.

The guarantor of the educational program of the educational degree “Master” of the specialty 073 “Management” of the educational program Management and Business Administration – Boyko Olena Vladimirovna – Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor, Professor, Department of Management of PIHE “IEU”.

The Bachelor’ s program offers:

  • interactive training in the latest audiences;
  • practical application of the acquired skills from the first year of study;
  • meetings with foreign and domestic businessmen;
  • realization of business ideas of students in business incubator of business school;
  • employment in leading world companies or large companies of Ukraine after graduation.

Upon completion of the bachelor’s degree, graduates are awarded the bachelor’s degree in management.

The peculiarity of the bachelors training is the study of professional disciplines in the cycle of professional training:

  • Organization theory;
  • Management and Administration: (Organization Theory, Management, Operational Management, Personnel Management, Self-Management, Innovation Management, Strategic Management, Administrative Management);
  • Management of urban organizations;
  • Marketing; PR and advertising technologies;
  • Brand management;
  • E-commerce;
  • Information systems and technologies;
  • Economics and finance of the enterprise;
  • Organization of business activities;
  • Business communications; International marketing;
  • International Economic Relations;
  • Foreign economic activity of the enterprise;
  • International business strategies.


Modern employers’ requirements for assistants to heads of organizations or their structural units require professional knowledge of foreign languages. At the request of students, you can study professional disciplines in English, taught by experienced professionals with international certificates and teaching practices at universities in Europe.

Particular attention is paid to the practical training of students on the basis of dual education, within the framework of industrial and undergraduate practice, thanks to the international cooperation of the department with European universities on the basis of credit mobility of students and teachers.

After graduation, graduates can work as assistant managers of organizations of different types of ownership and types of economic activity, managers in different areas of activity of the organization, for example, advertising, staff, marketing, main activities of municipal enterprises, assistants to managers of hotels, restaurants, assistants to business managers -structures, assistant managers for personnel, advertising in IT companies, to continue training in the magistracy.


For admission you must –

Ukrainian language and literature – 0.2

Foreign Language or Geography – 0.3

Mathematics – 0.4

Certificate score – 0.1











Masters in specialty 073 “Management” of the specialization “Business Administration” of the field of knowledge 07 “Management and Administration” are intended to use the knowledge of modern economy in order to increase the efficiency of work in the system of management bodies of enterprises. Obtaining a Business Administration major will enable you to comprehensively and comprehensively analyze the theoretical and practical aspects of administrative activity in solving management problems and problems with the use of modern tools of economic science, to develop forecasts and make management decisions at various stages of the business administration specialist.


Basic course disciplines:

  • Global problems of the present
  • Methodology and organization of scientific research
  • Management of Organizations
  • Financial management
  • Strategic management
  • Corporative management
  • Information systems and technologies in management
  • Intellectual Property
  • HR-management
  • Investment management
  • Management of business activity
  • Management of export-import operations
  • Leadership
  • Negotiation / Business Communication
  • Quality management
  • Project and program management
  • Management of Change
  • Internship
  • Master’s qualification work
  • Management consulting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Innovative development of enterprises


Graduate with higher education of the second (master’s) level, who has obtained a master’s degree in specialty 073 “Management” of the specialization “Business Administration”, can work in public and private institutions and organizations: in public institutions to carry out organizational, managerial and advisory activity, taking up the head (director, chief, etc.) of the department, the director of economy, the head of department, the head of the department, the director of reorganization, the chairman of the board, the director (the chief, other head) of the enterprises , Director (Head) Computing (Information and Computing) center director representation, branch, center; in private and other organizations or institutions may hold positions that require a master’s degree and carry out organizational, management and advisory activities.




In the process of preparation for the specialty 073 “Management” of the specialization “Business Administration”, the master acquires such special (professional) competencies as: detection of economic, technological, marketing, etc. problems of functioning and development of the enterprise, analysis, structuring and justification of ways of their solution; organization of audits, detection of irregularities and inefficient use of resources; use of methods of statistical, mathematical, marketing analysis to evaluate the business environment and the position of the enterprise on the market; assessment of the market position of the enterprise and identification of development prospects; organization of development and implementation of information systems as an element of enterprise management; using the necessary marketing policy tools to analyze the results of economic activity, assess the position of the enterprise in the market, plan and forecast changes in indicators; identifying the impact of macro and microeconomic elements on the business position of the enterprise; considering changes in the company as a result of management activities and change management, taking into account new technical, technological and organizational ideas and changes in the target market; management of the company through planning and control, application of concepts, methods and tools of implementation of planning and monitoring in technical and business spheres, use of strategic planning as a means of achievement of strategic goals of the enterprise; understanding of features of business functions, business associations, geographical regions, size of enterprises, business sectors, organization of business management of the company taking into account the scale of the enterprise, features of business processes, market position, basic knowledge of management theory; implementation and application of ethics principles in the company’s activities, relationships with partners and clients; substantiation of decision-making in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and regulations of national and international levels.

For admission to the magistracy is necessary

  • Foreign Language (EIA)
  • Comprehensive Management and Administration Exam



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