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Educational and scientific library of the PRIVATE INSTITUTION OF HIGHER EDUCATION “INTERNATIONAL EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY” has Scientific and Educational Literature Fund – 28547 copies.

The electronic library contains 65 textbooks, curricula and work programs in the disciplines of the curriculum are used , as well as ancillary literature available on electronic media. The library is provided with domestic and foreign professional periodicals of the corresponding or related profile. The Library Fund is regularly updated with up-to-date scientific contributions.

The library has the following professional periodicals: Health of Ukraine (archive of numbers for 2017-2019), Journal of the practitioner (archive of numbers for 2017-2019), Your health (archive of numbers for 2017-2019), Medical education ( archive of numbers for 2017-2019). Pediatrics. Obstetrics and Gynecology (2017-2019 issue numbers), Ukrainian Medical Bulletin “Therapia” (2017-2019 issue numbers), Actual problems of medicine, pharmacy and biology (2017-2019 issue numbers), Conxilium medicum Ukraine (issue numbers archive) 2018-2019), Attestation Bulletin (archive of numbers for 2012-2013), Pain, anesthesia and intensive care (archive of numbers for 2001-2016), Laboratory diagnostics (archive of numbers for 2014-2015), Journal of the AMS of Ukraine (archive of numbers for 2012 2015), Antibiotics & Chemotherapy (issue archive for 2006-2010), Pathology Archive (issue archive for 2011-2014), International Orthopedics (issue archive 2015-2018), JBJS (Issue Archive 2011-2012).

There is also access to Scopus bibliographic and abstract databases and Web of Science.

The University Library fully provides the educational process with the necessary textbooks, manuals, special literature in accordance with the curricula of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Students have the opportunity to work with literature and use computers connected to the Internet in educational or scientific activities in the reading room of the library.

In addition to the academic library PRIVATE HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTE “INTERNATIONAL EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY” signed an agreement on cooperation with the National Scientific Medical Library of Ukraine on the scientific and informational support of the needs of scientific-pedagogical staff healthcare related to the medical sciences, providing additional information opportunities for students to acquire knowledge. The National Scientific Library of Ukraine collects 1.5 million copies.