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hurt 1The Student Hostel of International European University is intended for accommodating students for the period of study.

hurt 2The hostel is located near International European University in a beautiful park area. So you can get to your classes without any problems. It is a nice place to relax the mind and take a breath of fresh air in your free time.

The infrastructure of the district is developed, and just next to the hostel of the International European University there is a grocery store with everything that can meet the daily needs of students.

The condition of the hostel corresponds to the current Sanitary Rules and Norms: there are provided sanitary, utility and domestic premises for the proper functioning of the hostel. There is also a kitchen, fitted with gas stoves on each floor.

Dormitory planning type is blocky: each block has a toilet and a washroom. So access to hygiene procedures is free even in the morning.

Each room has beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs; each bed is provided with a pillow, a blanket, a set of linen (changed twice a month).

Two or three people live in one room; every person has enough privacy and sincere communication. Also students can use a spacious reading room. If you want to relax in a fun company, welcome to the lounge zone.

You can use washing machines and high-speed unlimited Internet in the hostel of International European University.

On the territory of the hostel you can feel safe: there are 24/7 security, a pass system (turnstile), video surveillance. The territory of the University and the main students' routes from the hostels to the educational buildings are protected and patrolled by officers of guard service.

Rooms on campus are available to students. All hostel rooms are furnished and vary in size and number of conveniences. Dormitory rooms at International European University hostel can accommodate 2 or 3 students to a room.

All rooms are equipped with beds, mattresses, pillow, blanket, desk, chairs, heater, water heaters and suitable lighting for both study and relaxation. There are common areas where students can play and mingle. Upon the students arrival on campus of the International European University, specific accommodations are assigned to each student will be accommodated to the room which is allotted to him.

Off campus housing can be obtained in nearby apartments. Available apartments and houses are furnished, and vary in size, cost and number of conveniences.

In the hostel of International European University each room is attached with the kitchen, which is provided for students to cook food to their own taste. Meals may be bought from various food outlets in Kyiv. All the rooms are provided with heaters. Our hostels feature 24-hour access to security and emergency services, making it easy to get assistance when you need it. As a campus resident, you also have access to all the International European University support services such as campus Security Services, counselling Services and health Services.



Living in the flats or in the apartments are always costlier than living in the University hostel. Living in the flats always give more responsibility and freedom.

Kiev has a wide range of accommodation from modern multi unit houses to historic houses. When you decide to stay in the flat, you can search through local news papers or by the local agencies. Vacant flats are advertised in the newspaper, on notice boards and through rental agencies. Students can find different kinds of flats. You will need to budget very carefully to meet all your expenses, before selecting a flat.



In order to live comfortably while you are in Kiev, you will need to have about $USD 100 per months available for living costs, above the cost of your tuition. The cost of living is cheaper than any other cities in the European countries. It is difficult to give a precise figure because of differences in the student lifestyle.

You will receive advice from financial advisers at the on how best to handle your money, but initially it is important to note that you should have some cash for immediate costs (e.g. airport costs or transport). You may need further funds in the form of travellers cheques which can be readily cashed. There are foreign exchange offices everywhere in Ukraine.

We strongly recommend that while in Ukraine you do not carry large amounts of cash on your person or leave cash in your room. We suggest opening a bank account as soon as possible after arrival. There are four banks with branches in the International European University campus area. There are numerous automatic teller machines that dispense cash 24 hours a day.

Any major amounts of money may be sent in the form of a bank transfer, but electronic transfers are, in most cases, the most efficient method of sending funds to Ukraine. Payments can also be sent by Western Union and Money Gram. Overseas cheques are sometimes difficult to clear and are not recommended.

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Welcome to the website of International European University – the most modern multidisciplinary university of European level!

Reforms in the higher education system have prompted the institution’s management to look for opportunities to significantly raise higher education standards, bringing them closer to European ones.

Thus, the mission of the University is to bring Ukrainian education, science and culture to a new quality level in order to integrate them into the European and world space.

Our university is the place where a completely new approach to student education has been introduced. The educational process is organized in the light of European curricula, a significant fund of printed pages has been collected, subscriptions to dozens of world professional periodicals are in operation, a powerful electronic library has been created, and access to several leading world libraries is gained.

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