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The European School of Business is the newest educational and scientific institute, which combines the best traditions of training highly qualified and competitive specialists – economists, managers, business administrators, marketers, accountants, financiers, organizers of business and stock exchange activities, technologists and managers in the hotel and restaurant business, and tourism – with the methods of international and European institutions of higher education, leading scientific institutions. An integral part of training at this institute is the practical testing of acquired skills, abilities and competencies on the basis of enterprises – industry leaders.

In the 2020-2021 academic year, we invite applicants to enter the licensed specialties “Management” (Bachelor’s degree) and “Management” (educational program “Management and Business Administration”; Master’s program).


Field of knowledge: 07 “Management and administration”
Specialty: 073 “Management”
“Management”“Management and business administration”
Term of apprenticeship
3 years 10 months1 year 10 months


Management and business administration is the art of managing an organization and business under conditions of instability and competition in the business environment.

Bachelors and Masters in Management and Business Administration are specialists with higher economic education in the field of business management and administration, highly professional human resources, striving for personal development and career growth and meeting high intellectual and academic standards.

The Bachelor’s program in management is aimed at training highly qualified professionals who are aware of the importance of competent management of enterprises and businesses at the city and regional levels, have the necessary knowledge and skills, respond quickly to the needs of enterprises in innovation processes.

The Master of Business Administration is an internationally recognized degree designed to prepare students for careers in business and management. However, the MBA can be useful not only in the business world. This degree can also be useful for those who work as managers in NGOs, government and other areas. The MBA program can provide graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to work in leadership positions.

Today, the MBA is the most popular professional program in the world: nowadays, different countries offer thousands of MBA programs.

Management and business administration cover the following main areas of activity:

  • organization and management of structural subdivisions of state and municipal bodies;
  • crisis management;
  • regional development management;
  • formation of plans for socio-economic development of the territory;
  • public relations management;
  • banking management;
  • management of industries and spheres of production;
  • nature management and environmental protection;
  • management of business structures of different levels, etc.

Studying at IEU will help to systematize existing knowledge and experience; will provide an opportunity to master the latest management technologies; will teach you to apply innovative ideas, mechanisms and tools of thinking and, most importantly, will determine your successful future! Being always on top of everything is an important difference of a successful business person.

Bachelors of management can work in management positions in the field of state and municipal administration, in banking institutions, consultants on management of business structures of different hierarchical levels, as well as senior and middle management at enterprises, institutions, firms and their departments, services, associations of enterprises, organizations of various forms of ownership and activities.

Masters of Management and Business Administration can hold the following positions: general director of the association of enterprises, executive director, chairman of the board, director of an enterprise, representative office, branch, etc.; head of local and public administration bodies; head of service; head of department, director of economy, head of department; commercial director; chairman of the commission (bureau); group leader, head of department or inspection, project and program manager; a teacher of higher education, a researcher and a consultant.

Advantages of studying at the European School of Business:

  • individual approach to each student;
  • full-time, part-time and distance learning;
  • teaching foreign languages;
  • strong teaching scientific and pedagogical staff;
  • opportunity for internships and internships abroad;
  • mutual enrichment from learning with like-minded people – students, teachers, guests, foreign specialists, practitioners;
  • use of interactive teaching methods and new information technologies to solve problems in the field of business usnig the examples of companies (business incubators), in which students work virtually while studying;
  • the widest range of choice of professions;
  • access to a wide base of information resources;
  • recommendations and promotion of employment of graduates.

The European Business School will open new opportunities in your life!

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