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European Medical School

Dear entrants and students!

Right now, it's time to rethink medicine.

Everyone is experiencing a crisis, and in this area the most. After all, health is the most valuable thing we have.

And where to be born new? Only at the university! It is a radical change in the approach to the training of future doctors - the only way to reform health care in Ukraine.

The motto of our university is the phrase "Docendo discimus", which means "Learning by learning". These ancient wise words reflect our desire not only to pass on invaluable scientific and cultural achievements from generation to generation, but to constantly improve in the education of competitive professionals, the true intellectual elite of Ukraine.

The European Medical School is a place with a completely new approach to teaching doctors. We took European curricula, created a powerful library with world medical textbooks, invited to teach progressive doctors who see medicine "in a new way" and are ready to share experiences, teach and train a completely different generation of physicians. From the first year of study, thanks to the new equipment, students record heart rate, learn to describe X-rays on anatomy, and learn the basics of practice in clinical departments and numerous elective courses.

The European Medical School teaches future doctors to understand tests, see changes in images, use "telemedicine", develop in preventive, anti-aging medicine, nutrition, interventional cardiology, plastic surgery, if necessary, freely consult with foreign colleagues in English.

The Educational and Scientific Institute "European Medical School" implements practice-oriented programs developed on the basis of combining the experience of leading foreign and domestic universities in the preparation of masters of medicine, identifies disciplines that change ways of thinking and have a transformational impact on the medical field. Our programs are designed for ambitious dynamic students who want to enter a new professional field in medicine, who are able to plan their time and concentrate on intellectual tasks.

Admission 2020

Welcome to the website of the International European University – the most modern multidisciplinary university of European level!

Reforms in the higher education system have prompted the institution’s management to look for opportunities to significantly raise higher education standards, bringing them closer to European ones.

Thus, the mission of the University is to bring Ukrainian education, science and culture to a new quality level in order to integrate them into the European and world space.

Our university is the place where a completely new approach to student education has been introduced. The educational process is organized in the light of European curricula, a significant fund of printed pages has been collected, subscriptions to dozens of world professional periodicals are in operation, a powerful electronic library has been created, and access to several leading world libraries is gained.

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